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Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in Linden

We have been helping clients with dog bites for over 30 years. We understand the laws in the state of New Jersey and can help ensure you get the results you want. Our free consultation will provide you with further details about our services.

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Why Dog Bites are Serious

One of the scariest things in the world is when you are attacked or bitten by a dog. There are dogs of all sizes that can cause a significant amount of injuries. Not only can they cause damage to your person but they may also have rabies and other diseases that can be contracted. Plus, the dog bite alone can leave you emotionally scarred for many years after.

These accidents are different from a bus accident or an auto accident. Every dog owner has a responsibility to keep their dog on a leash in public areas. If you find yourself attacked or bitten by a dog, you need to speak up immediately.

Finding a law firm that has experience in personal injury law is of the utmost importance. This will assist in proving liability or strict liability, ensuring proper medical attention, and getting the case resolved as soon as possible.

Choosing an Attorney

Choosing the right personal injury law firm is an important task. You want one that has the experience and the knowledge to try your case effectively. Otherwise, you may not be getting the compensation you deserve for the traumatic experience you had to suffer.

We have helped many dogs bite victims get their justice as well as a sizable compensation.

When you work with our law office, we offer a free consultation to discuss the details of your case. We can visit you at the hospital or at your home. If you are well enough, you can also visit us at our office. You are under no obligation to sign with us during the consultation. Should you choose to work with one of our attorneys, we do not charge any legal fees until we are able to get a monetary amount awarded to you.

It’s important that you contact a lawyer right away. Call us at (908)-925-8300 to learn how the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Charney, LLC can help you with your dog bites case. We can appoint the right lawyer to your case in Linden to make a difference in your medical bills and your pain and suffering.

Disclaimer : The information offered by The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Charney, LLC and contained herein, regarding New Jersey personal injury statutes and New Jersey personal injury claimants’ rights is general in scope. No attorney-client relationship with our attorneys is hereby formed nor is the information herein intended as formal legal advice. Please contact a personal injury attorney regarding your specific inquiry.

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