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In Roselle, injuries and death are, at times, unavoidable. However, there is a way to make those responsible for them accountable, thereby paying for damages, injuries or death sustained. Roads, workplaces, construction sites, hospitals and nursing homes happen to be some of the venues/ places where people get injured or die on someone else’s account. For the injured person or his close ones to claim compensation, legal representation may be the most appropriate and effective course of action to take. Roselle Personal Injury Attorneys at The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Charney, LLC are here to help.  Please call us today at (908) 925-8300.

Auto accidents Roselle, NJ

Roads have, unfortunately, become the biggest place where people lose their lives or sustain serious injuries; thanks, in part, to irresponsible drivers, bad weather conditions and uncontrollable factors. Auto accidents, trunk collisions and motorcycle accidents comprise some of the accidents that happen on roads. People can suffer minor injuries such as a shoulder injury or more serious injuries such as neck back or brain injury. Sustained injuries need treatment as well as time off for the person to recover; these costly medical bills as well as possible loss of income. Alternatively, a wrongful death could occur, bringing immense suffering to a person’s family. A The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Charney, LLC may be able to help victims or their families gather sufficient evidence to bring a case against the person or people responsible for the accidents, hence get compensation.

Workplace injuries and death Roselle, NJ

Roads are not the only injury and death venues in Roselle. Most often, people get hurt or die in their line of duty, and it is up to the employer to take care of the resulting medical, burial, or other bills on behalf of the victim, if responsible. Employers should have comfortable and safe working conditions for all their employees and ample safety gear, depending on the job description and exposure. Injuries or death, resulting from inadequate safety gear while working, can be valid grounds for an employee or his family to sue the employer for a workman’s compensation. Workers’ compensation refers to entitlements of employees from their employers if and when anything happens to them in their line of duty.

Third-party liability Roselle, NJ

In Roselle, some accidents can leave people injured or dead, yet they do not have a direct person who can be blamed or sued. In such cases, people can only seek compensation under third-party liability; pursuing parties who did or failed to do something necessary to prevent an accident or warn people. Third-party liability cases can be such as slip fall accidents where a person slips on private or public ground.

Product liability Roselle, NJ

Roselle has reported cases where people suffered personal injury or even died from consuming substandard or harmful products. Whether foods, drinks, prescription drugs, or skincare products, every manufacturer should ensure the products are manufactured according to the FDA standards and have ample labeling. Product consumers can sue the manufacturer or the supplier of the product for death or injuries suffered.

Construction site injuries Roselle, NJ

It is not uncommon for manual workers or other people in a construction venue to get injured. A construction site accident could result in a severe construction site injury such as head and brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, and other fatal injuries that could kill or disable a person for life. Those who get injured can sue any of the responsible construction team workers or owners for medical and other bills compensation.

Negligence and abuse Roselle, NJ

It is not uncommon for people to be injured by those who are supposed to care of them in medical facilities or nursing homes. Nursing home abuse and nursing home negligence are certainly unacceptable. People, who die or sustain injuries of any kind, should press charges against the responsible staff. The fact that someone is helpless is no reason those entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of him/ her should neglect or abuse him or her. Medical staffs have, also, been known to neglect patients, thereby causing death or injuries. Roselle Personal Injury Lawyers help such victims, or their families, prove the negligence case and get the deserved compensation.


Personal injury and wrongful death can be compensated; relieving the victim and there family some of the financial burdens that come with an injury or death. Roselle workers comp lawyers can ably represent victims and their families get the compensation due them. Whether a person suffers injury or death in hospitals, nursing homes, construction sites, or on roads, public or private property, Roselle Personal Injury Attorneys’ lawyers may be able to help them establish a case for adequate compensation to cater for their lost wages, medical bills or burial arrangements. Call The Roselle Personal Injury Lawyers at Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Charney, LLC today at (908)-925-8300 they will fight for you.


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