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Personal Injury Attorney in Scotch Plains, NJ

If you have been injured or suffered a loss from anything ranging from an auto wreck to worksite injury to a simple slip and fall, you may need a Scotch Plains personal injury attorney. There are many lawyers available in the Scotch Plains area. Pick a lawyer that will be dedicated to bringing you results.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Charney, LLC  will work with you to get the results you deserve. From personal injury to wrongful death, our Scotch Plains Personal Injury law firm works on a wide range of cases. We have won cases entailing workers’ compensation, auto accidents, slip and falls, wrongful deaths, occupational claims, family law, and real estate. If you have a truck or a car, we also handle traffic violations of all kinds. Our Scotch Plains Personal Injury Attorney law firm is known for providing clients with the highest quality service. We take pride in our clients’ success and always retain a caring and sensitive sympathy to clients who have undergone any suffering. Our staff is easily accessible, no matter when you need us.

Come in and get a free initial consultation with one of our experienced Scotch Plains Personal Injury attorneys today. If you choose to use our services, we put ourselves on the line with you. We do not get paid unless you win and receive monetary compensation from the outcome of the case. If you have a situation regarding injury or workers’ compensation, please call us at (908)-925-8300. You can also submit your case online and we will contact you to offer you a free review of your particular situation.

Take a look at the various cases and services we offer so that we can best fulfill your needs and help you win your case.

Scotch Plains Auto Accident Attorney

  • Auto Accidents – our law firm is known for expertise and long-term experience. We utilize all of our resources to conduct a thorough investigation regarding all auto accident injury cases.

Scotch Plains Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

  • Workers’ Compensation – We have worked hard for years to secure thousands of dollars worth of benefits for our clients who have been denied workers’ compensation. You may be eligible for workman’s compensation if you have been partially or totally disabled. If you have suffered from a shoulder injury or neck back injury, you may have a basis for a claim. We fight for all injuries, including fractures, sprains and strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, disc herniations, rotator cuff, knee, and psychological injuries.

Scotch Plains Personal Injury Attorney

  • Personal Injury – If you need help in any area of personal injury law, call us today. We also work on negligence, intentional torts, and strict liability torts.

Scotch Plains Slip and Fall Lawyer

  • Slip and Fall – is a personal injury that is caused when someone slips and falls due to a dangerous condition on someone else’s property. These types of accidents can occur on commercial, residential, and even public property. Do not let those responsible for your injuries remain careless in the future. Let us fight your case if you have been injured in a slip and fall.

Scotch Plains Truck Accident Attorney

  • Truck Collision – If you have been in an accident with a large truck, let us work on your side. A large truck accident is incredibly serious and can often be deadly. A truck collision should not be overlooked.

Scotch Plains Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

  • Brain Injury – is incredibly traumatic. If you have suffered from brain trauma, it is vital to get the case presented quickly so as to preserve any evidence. We will work hard to prove the nature and extent of your personal injuries. We will get expert witnesses that will be able to work with you regarding your medical care.

Scotch Plains Construction Site Attorney

  • Construction Site Accident – should be handled by professionals. If you suffer from a construction site injury, you need to focus on your medical welfare. Let us fight your case for you.

Scotch Plains Dog Bite Lawyer

  • Dog bites – are commonplace injuries that may be overlooked by some but can be quite serious in nature. We have helping clients with dog bite cases for over 30 years. We are well versed in New Jersey laws and will work hard to ensure results in your dog bite cases.

Scotch Plains Motorcycle Collision Lawyer

  • Motorcycle Collision – If you have been injured in a motorcycle collision due to the negligence of another driver, you are entitled to compensation. If your motorcycle was damaged or you have to take time off of work due to your injuries, we will hold the negligent party responsible to make sure you get the results you deserve from the motorcycle accident.

Scotch Plains Neck and Back Injury Lawyer

  • Neck and Back Injury – An injury attorney is most helpful if you have suffered any sort of neck or back injury, which can happen from a number of circumstances.

Scotch Plains Nursing Home Negligence Attorney

  • Nursing Home Neglect – If your loved one has been mistreated or neglected in a nursing home, we will fight for you. Do not let physical or mental abuse of the elderly go unpunished. Report the nursing home abuse. Fight nursing home negligence.

Scotch Plains Product Liability Attorney

  • Product Liability – If you or your child have been injured from an everyday item, you have a claim to a product liability suit.

Scotch Plains Shoulder Injury Lawyer

  • Shoulder injuries can occur in a multitude of ways. Do not suffer unnecessarily, but let us fight for your claim.3

Scotch Plains Third Party Liability Attorney

  • Third-Party Liability – If you have a workman’s compensation claim, we work to establish any third-party liability to get you better results.

We will fight for your loved ones if there has been a wrongful death in your family. Ease your burdens by hiring the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Charney, LLC for all your legal needs.

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Disclaimer : The information offered by The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Charney, LLC and contained herein, regarding New Jersey personal injury statutes and New Jersey personal injury claimants’ rights is general in scope. No attorney-client relationship with our attorneys is hereby formed nor is the information herein intended as formal legal advice. Please contact a personal injury attorney regarding your specific inquiry.

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